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"Life with Christ is the greatest adventure." -John Paul II

Camp Adventures

Have you ever wanted to shoot a bow and arrow? Rock climb? Float down a creek? At camp, you'll have the chance to experience these adventures, plus so much more!

Skit night

Skit night is an all time favorite for many campers. It consists of small groups led by camp counselors. They are always creative and often times where most of the laughs at camp occur. 

Frasatti Field

We offer a volleyball court for Nukem, a basketball court, a climbing and repelling wall, and more! We also have open field space and a variety of sports equipment available.

Sacramental Encounters

Saint Thomas mission is "Direction for Life." We want to help you discover what direction Jesus has for your life. At camp, you'll have plenty of amazing sacramental opportunities to do this, including daily Mass, reconciliation, and Eucharistic adoration 

 Group Focused

Camp encourages individuals to grow in their faith with God alongside their friends and peers. Our activities are organized in order to emphasize camaraderie amongst the campers, which leads to lifelong friendships.

Night Prayer

Each day is closed around the bonfire with night prayer led by Fr. Garrett!

Field Trips

Camp is located in the heart of the Lewis and Clark National Forest. Field trips allow campers to explore the wilderness around Monarch, MT. Field trips include innertubing down the Belt Creek and cliff jumping at Sluice Boxes State Park!

Deep Discipleship

Saint John Paul the Great once said, "Life with Christ is an adventure!" We want to help  grow as disciples by providing devotional time, bold preaching, relevant small group questions, and times of silence for you to ask how Jesus is calling you to step out of the boat and follow Him.

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