"Life with Christ is the greatest adventure." -John Paul II

we know how bummed everyone is that this summer at camp won't come to fruition. but think about how many periods of waiting we go through in the church. We await the coming of the lord in advent. We await the resurrection by entering into the sufferings of christ. we prepare our hearts for the joy of the resurrection. Similarly, we await saint Thomas camp 2021. What a joyous reunion of fellowship and faith it will be! It's going to be epic, so Check out the new experiences 2021 has to offer. Read on for an additional taste of what you have to look forward to!  

Camp Adventures

Have you ever wanted to shoot a bow and arrow? Fly fish?  At camp, you'll have the chance to experience adventures including  

archery, trout fishing, orienteering, crafts, and so much more !

Skit night

Skit night is an all time favorite for many campers. It consists in small groups led by camp counselors. They are always creative and often times where most of the laughs at camp occur. 

Click under the experience tab to see videos from years past! 


We offer ForkKnife, a volley ball court for ultimate tournament play and a basketball court. We also have open field space and a variety of sports equipment available. Near the field is our climbing and repeling wall! Another camp favorite!

Camp Out

This is BRAND new! You won't want to miss it. 

For most of camp, you will spend the night in our modern cabins.  But, for one special night you will get to camp out.  Near sundown, you will hike to the top of our mountain to camp out in tents!

Camp is located in the heart of the wilderness.  Away day is where you board a bus and get the chance to explore that wilderness. First you'll get to explore the rugged backwoods of Montana followed by an innertube float down Belt Creek!

We close each day at camp with a Group Pow-Wow.  This is some time for your group to re-gather and share the adventures you've had that day. You'll get to talk about your highs, your lows and where you saw Jesus that day.  Plus, you get to do it around your own private bonfire.  What's not to love?

Sacramental Encounters

Saint Thomas mission is "Direction for Life."  We want to help you discover what direction Jesus has for your life.  At camp you'll have plenty of amazing sacramental opportunities to do this: daily Mass, reconciliation and Eucharistic adoration 

 Group Focused

The best experienced in life happen with someone else.  You are encouraged to come to camp as a group!  Your group will get to experience certain parts of camp together.  But, part of camp is also meeting new people so for part of the time, you will be mixed up with people you don't know.  Every camper will be a part of a group, even if no one from your home parish comes!


Saint John Paul the Great once said, "Life with Christ is an adventure!"  We want to help  grow as a disciple by providing devotional time, bold preaching, relevant small group questions and times of silence for you to ask how Jesus is calling you to step out of the boat and follow Him.

Away Day

Group Pow-Wows