Spend a summer hiking in the woods, praying with teenagers...and get paid to do it!

Spending a summer working at Saint Thomas camp is an experience you will never forget!  You will get the chance to serve for six weeks of camp ministering to high schoolers, middle schoolers and 5th graders.  Your primary job will be  to build relationships with the youth attending camp, serving as a resource and support person for the youth and infusing each week of camp with playfulness, creativity, enthusiasm, and ministering the teachings and religious morals of the Catholic Church to the youth.


You are also responding to Christ’s invitation to deepen your personal relationship with Him and experience ongoing spiritual formation. You will be part of a mission community that together lives a structured and sacramental prayer life, supports one another in common mission, ministers to the youth attending camp and one another, and holds each other accountable.


A couple days of training in Montana precede the program. The full date range, including training, is June 18th  through August 7th. You will also have from Friday afternoons to Sunday mornings off and may leave the camp. There will be no camp the week preceding the 4th of July.  This will create a break in the summer from the afternoon of June 26 to the morning of July 5th.  (These dates will change + be updated depending upon the year. 2021 is remains tentative . We offer a $2,500 salary for the summer camp counselors.